Why build a website if you did not want to attract new business?

Digital marketing campaigns include the advertisement and promotion of products and brands on the multiple digital media channels. What sets Digital marketing apart from the conventional marketing techniques? Digital marketing uses the wide range of online communication channels and also enables the real-time follow-up. Digital marketing offers the detailed overview and the monitoring of what is being viewed, comprehensive audience analysis, sales conversion and the feedback, which is not possible with the traditional marketing.

The search engine optimization (SEO) deals with the methods of improving website ranking in search engines i.e Google, Yahoo and Bing. The internet users look for products and services on the search engines by using specific keywords. SEO enables the search engines to recognize these keywords. Basically, SEO helps the search engines to direct potential audience on your website, which eventually helps to increase the website traffic and sales.

We are constantly researching and studying new marketing and advertising strategies that make your promotional campaigns effective and cost efficient. Our SEO Team will work with you on a monthly basis by working on a SEO strategy that is unique to your business, providing regular updates and monthly reports, helping your business gain higher organic ranking for the most effective keywords for your target market.

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Digital Marketing Process

At Seven Koncepts we use the following process to increase traffic from social websites and online communities:

  • Complete analysis of the social media trends.

  • Management of Social Identity

  • Creating a buzz about your brand and enhancing your brand visibility.

  • Build Widgets, Badges , create blogs and Other Social Media Tools

  • Allow visitors the opportunity to tag, share and communicate with your online activities.

  • Monitoring your traffic and visitor trends

  • Closely examine all the latest social marketing events and sites to help you gain the utmost exposure.