How Digital Marketing Will Change In 2018

Written by | February 28, 2018

Content Marketing We see content marketing as the ‘engagement’ fuel that powers all digital communications from search to social to email marketing to creating website experiences which convert. Content marketing is creation and distribution of relevant content to the target market for promotion of a product or service. Big Data Today Big Data is more […]

Sab Khareed Lo

Written by | February 27, 2018

You might have heard of many famous, well established online retailers like and You must have had a chance to shop online from them and build a perception about their products. You may choose to prefer one online retailer over the other but you cannot completely avoid them. Consumers’ reliance on online shopping […]

Message from the CEO

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I started off as an developer and gained expertise in other languages like PHP and JAVA. I have more 14 years of experience in IT. My inclination towards digital marketing lead me to start my own venture. I cofounded Seven Koncepts Pvt. Ltd. With Sumera Wacker and assumed the position of Chief Operating Officer […]

10 Reasons why your business needs a Digital Marketing Strategy

Written by | January 11, 2018

Your customers are very well informed so don’t underestimate their tech-savviness! Do you really think that a customer would see your pamphlet floating in the air and walk straight to your store just because you tossed a pamphlet. Your pamphlet would go straight to the bin if you don’t have an online presence and here’s […]


Written by | June 20, 2016

When we talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it is considered to be one of the important aspect that is used in blogging and content writing campaigns. There are several SEO consultant services in Pakistan which are known throughout the country. You might be thinking what can possibly go wrong while writing a SEO Article? […]